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Half recorded in our friend Danny Siper's basement, and half recorded at Drexel studios.


released August 5, 2014

Engineering and Mixing by Daniel Siper
Mastering by Pat Loundas
Album Art by Jessica Spears
Female Vocals on "Natalie Dormer" by Rachel Whitaker

A very large and special thank you to:

Brian's parents for letting Cloud District play music in their basement, Danny Siper for recording it and actually putting in the meows, Colin for being a good band dad and having good band dad criticisms, Jessica Spears for her awesome and timely work with Brian's cat, Brian's Cat Yeti, All of the other Band Pets for their understanding, Tom for being Tom, Jen for being the only person to show up for Cloud District group vocals day, Anwar George for being a very special Cloud District hype man and Mike Pays Heat for being the best band friends we could have.

Cloud District is:

Brian McCue
Marcello Ramirez
Evan Bates
Vincent Watch
Anthony Raucci



all rights reserved


Cloud District Middletown, New York

Dad rock songs about living with your parents.

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Track Name: Natalie Dormer
Strike some chords I don't remember,
and yell some words I wrote down sometime,
These songs are writing me you see,
Look at all the rhymes, they're coming so simply,

And God I hope that you're not fucking anyone else,
And God I hope that you're not fucking anyone else,

Designer drugs from the FDA,
It's alright kid have a real shit day,
I hope you spend the nights alone,
Like I do,

And it just sucks to be alive when you don't feel alive,
it just sucks to be alive when you don't feel alive,

Just say something sexy like "I hate your band,
stay the hell away from me!"
I think she's finally warming up to me,
I think that maybe we can start a family or something,

Hey Natalie, can't wait to meet your parents,
Won't you unblock me from twitter,
And all your social media accounts,
I have all your social media accounts anyway,
Oh, anyway,
Oh, anyway,
So anyway...
Track Name: Submerge
This picture's so graceful,
coming through in sporadic sensations,
and is it distasteful?
If I wrote myself into a sonnet,

Let's compare our sensations,
The ones we get from romantic abrasions,
And it makes me feel like some kind of psychotic patient,

And then I realize, it's just compliments,
On a chemical bayonet,
They are all just temporary,
And I've been wounded by the girl laying next to me.

I want to sink in to her skin,
I want to swim I want to swim,
And as I sink into her skin...

I am cold and calculated and the words I say come permeating in collaboration to a selfish statement, formed through my concentration

I want to sink in to her skin,
I want to swim, I want to swim,
and as I sink into her skin,
oh I just needed a distraction...
Track Name: Mike Pays Heat - Oxygen
found a small hole in your heart today
trying to find why you say what you say
i slipped up, and down inside it i fell
strangled by your red and your white blood cells
take a deep breath, exhale all of me
breathe in the rest, enjoy being free
and while i floated in that place in your heart
i felt warmth and comfort join me in the dark
but since you're alive, blood continued to run
and i was swept from your heart, and into your lungs
well now i'm outside, i'm carbon dioxide
i'll live in the air, or i suppose i could try
to be transformed into oxygen
and hope 'til my death, that you'll take me in
Track Name: Mike Pays Heat - Breaking Pencils
here you are again, breaking pencils against paper that won't yield shit
you've lost your focus, he's funnier than you, plays guitar better than you ever will
and just as another line refuses to be written, the lights begin to dim
and you lose any hope of finding your way to the door

trip over your desk or maybe it's just your severed head
lying where it belongs, completing the metaphor, you've lost your head, get it?
the windows fly open and the blinds slam shut, city's turning its back on you
and turning around and back and through but never towards you

here you are now, lying on your back on a dirty rug, ever smoked a cigarette?
things were simpler back when your friends smoked cigarettes
but things aren't simple with her and him and she but never quite we
its been a week but you're freaking and terrified of losing what you'll never have again.

hold on tight to that rug cause it looks like you're ascending
to the room above, where people are fucking
through again, above that, why's she crying?
too late now, you're above it all, and it's cold
it's cold and it's beautiful, and its all so much it hurts
and as your blood slows and thickens you take one last look
and you see