Almanacs (Remastered)

by Cloud District

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Mixing and Mastering - Daniel Siper
Female Vocals on "Solstice"- Rachel Whitaker
Presidential Speech - John F. Kennedy
Cover Photo and all Promo Images - Jessica Spears

Special Thanks to all of the wonderful people who performed crowd vocals on this album and anyone who ever came out to a show / didn't leave when we've played.

Thanks to the band cats, Alan Siper, Mike Pays Heat, Plainview, Statue & Levity, all of the wonderful people in Philadelphia who put us up and let us believe that we could have fans we don't know, Bethesda for not suing us yet, Drew and Jay of The Elephant Graveyard, Jessica Spears for all of the wonderful pictures all of the time, Tom for Tom, Rachel Whitaker, Skylar for the patches, Jen Swaine, The great members of "Aww Shit Stir-Fridays," and Brian's Parents for letting us play music in his basement and make mashed potatoes.

A very special and cordial thank you to Danny for putting up with us and opening lots of opportunities for Cloud District in many many ways.

All lyrics and music written and performed by Cloud District. Unfortunately.

Cloud District is...
Anthony Raucci
Brian McCue
Evan Bates
Marcello Ramirez
Vincent Watch

"...If you have ears you'll love it." - Daniel Siper


released May 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Cloud District Middletown, New York

Dad rock songs about living with your parents.

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Track Name: Cuddle Puddle
It was so cold,
I couldn’t feel my hands, my feet, or my heart,
So I just accepted that they’d never warm up.
Your ex and next and friends and I,
All packed into a car,
Hurtling 50,000 miles a second,

And I asked her what keeps her going,
“Well my friends and I…,
I guess you too.”

And all my friends are making deals with the devil so that they can look cool,
and I’m sorry to hear about your dad,
And I guess that’s really, I mean, it’s fucked up man

And I’m sorry to hear about your ex-boyfriends and all the things they’re taking from you,
And all the things they took from you

(Everyone who's broken is breaking up,
And everyone who's in love is getting fucked)

And with the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen she proceeded to love me,
And the only thing I could think to say was
“Why don’t you find a good man?”
And the only thing I could think to think was
“man you just screwed that up”

“I’ve already found you,
and you make me happy,
I’ve already found you,
and you make me happy”
Track Name: Solstice
Oh the solstice is approaching so grow out your skin,
and the days are getting shorter until they get long again,

and so I say,
“Until we have our day,
we are just talking graves, we are just talking graves”
and you say that people are all the same,
yeah when they grow old,
we’ll see their faces in all the cracks
and all the cracks
Oh the solstice is approaching so grow out your skin,
and the days are getting longer until they get short again,

and I’m starting to realize, that you were right,
oh and I’m starting to realize, oh the whole time,
That you were right,
That you were right,
Oh you’re always right.
And oh I’m circling on an asteroid with the world in my pocket,
And I’m connected at the limbs, oh I’m connected at the limbs,
So I’ll see you when you come by, and I’ll see you again after the first time,
and I’ll see you again,
and I’ll see you again,
on the other side after we have died.
Track Name: Conviction One
She says,
“Say it with conviction,
So I can believe that you mean it,
Oh I’ll believe it when I see it,
like these books that I’ve been reading,
your periods are open ended,
like the messages you’re sending in diverted eyes and halfway smiles,
You’re speaking floor tiles,
you’re speaking floor tiles.
Will you be there, when I need you to be there?”
And I said
“I hate the color of the walls, the crimson of your lips,
and all the times that you called made me
angsty and nervous ,
I hate the way that you phrase things like you’re gonna say them,
And you never say them.”
Maybe if I made you hate me enough I could just walk away,
Maybe if I made you hate me enough I could just walk away,
Say what you gotta say,
and take what you gotta take,
I’m like a mass market paperback;
You’ll find me some place,
Just fuckin’ pick me up and walk away.
Track Name: The Silence
Track Name: Phil, The Silence
My hands are freezing cold and I can't feel at all,
It's that time of year and I miss you dear.

And I'd just like to know if you're still at home,
While I've been growing old, yes I've been growing old.

Well if we're going to grow old why do you cough like you smoke?
Could have quit that job at any time you know,

Instead we're sitting here for the second time this year,
I'm reading over things, just sign with your name.

And in the end we're sinking ships,
And threatening little kids,
In the end we're sinking ships.
Track Name: Please Consider Using This Song In Your Indie Movie
Have you ever thought at all how your hand might fit in mine,
The construction of our skeletons might do well side by side,
Has the thought of it ever crossed your mind,
cause I think about you all the time,

Can we lay upon your couch and talk and talk and talk about,
what you see when you're staring at the ceiling,
when you're laying on your mattress,
what passes, what collapses, what empties out into your synapses,

and I know that you know that I know that you know

We should stop talking ourselves into shapes of our selves who talk about ourselves all day,
we could talk ourselves deaf with all the things we should have said,
we could talk ourselves deaf

When I sing of you my voice is in tune,
intertwined and timed at the front of my mind,
are these the words you'd like to hear breathing next to your ears at 2 in the morning or anytime really

cause I think about you all the time
I think about you all the time
oh I think about you all the time
I think about you all the time
Track Name: Driveways
I'm just sitting in the driveway,
listening to my gas tank,
It's withering away,
And I am withering away,

And I don't know the first thing,
about being lonely,
but nothing is scarier,
than being outgoing,

It's not like it bothers me,
I've been hearing sirens all day long,
when my bank account is empty,
oh when my bank account is empty,

I'll just write another song.
Track Name: The Guy from The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die Added Me on Snapchat
Can my character for tour be the hard boiled detective who's hunch caused him to leave the force to be free of the red tape surrounding his case of the one who got away? he's on his last straw, ready to throw it all in the trash, hey maybe the chief was right; "You can't catch em all, Slim", but then as he's leaving the office, he notices a note slipped under the door. Slim picks it up, no postage or return address. When he opens it up, it's just a letter with nothing written on it except for coordinates. When Slim looks up the coordinates, they're for locations in and surrounding major US cities. He can feel it in his gut, that fire that he felt when he first started this case. He knows in his heart if he lets this go, the case will go cold forever. So he decides to saddle up and go under cover in search of the bastard that took his career away